“Seek what sets your soul on fire”


Hi! I’m Grace Dille.

Chicago native, dog lover + lover of this wonderful, beautiful, crazy life God gave us.

Hi! I’m Grace, the artist behind Maddon and Co. I was born in Dallas, raised in Chicago, and currently living back in Texas.

Growing up in Chicago, my dad and I used to listen to the Chicago Cubs games on the radio all spring and summer long (back then the Cubs usually didn’t make it to fall). My love for the team grew and when I got older and moved back to Texas for school and eventually my job, it became a little piece of home I always had with me. The name Maddon and Co is inspired by the Cubs current manager, Joe Maddon. Mostly because I like the name, but also because he’s a pretty incredible guy, and the Cubs are pretty great too.

I’ve grown up dreaming of being an artist, constantly drawing quotes, portraits of my favorite celebrities or whatever popped in my head that day. As I got older, my dream became a reality when I entered the studio art program at Baylor University. I fell in love with several medias, printmaking, painting, drawing, ceramics, anything that I could do with my hands. Drawing became and is one of the things that brings me the most joy in life. Thus the opportunity to share my work with the world just makes me that much more thankful and lucky.

Every design that is created has some kind of personal meaning behind it. The handwriting on every card is my own, or an altered version of a typeface that I have changed slightly and rendered myself. The designs themselves are a little mix of vintage and modern and ultimately imperfect in their own way.